Covid-19: Level 2 Update

New Zealand is now back into Covid-19 Alert Level 2 - this is what it means for your on and off-snow experience at Treble Cone and Cardrona.


Together we can safely enjoy the mountain in Alert Level 2. Please look after yourself and take personal responsibility. Things will run differently from normal under Level 2 – please be kind to each other, be patient, and listen for any instructions from our team.

Here's an overview of our Level 2 protocols – for more detailed information, please read the sections that follow this information.


  • Face coverings must be worn in all indoor spaces, apart from while eating/drinking in our cafes. 
  • Cafe seating will be limited to dining guests only.
  • Face coverings must also be worn on all mountain transport.
  • We can fully load our lifts, but all lift users must wear face coverings over your mouth and nose from before you enter the lift line, and the whole way up the lift.
  • If you are unwell, please stay at home.
  • Wash your hands frequently, cough/sneeze into your elbow, and use hand sanitiser provided.
  • Practise 2m physical distancing from others. Families and households don't need to physically distance.
  • Our indoor spaces will be limited to 50 dining guests at a time, and will be run on a one-in / one-out basis.
    • It could take extra time to get your lunch from our cafes/restaurants, and you won't be able to eat packed lunches indoors.
    • We won't be able to store bags in our cafe areas during Level 2 – either ski/board with your bag, or leave your bag in your car.
    • Ski from your car – use it for shelter, to rest and have a picnic... just like the old days!
  • Every Cardrona/Treble Cone visitor must scan in using the Covid Tracer app on shuttle buses, at each cafe/restaurant, and for the mountain in general.
  • All lessons and programmes are running as usual - please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.



Contact Tracing

New government regulations require record keeping at all businesses - this means using the Covid Tracer App or using a manual sign in form when you get to the mountain. This is important even if you are not skiing or snowboarding with us.

During Alert Level 2, we will also be using our RFID pass system for contact tracing. Because of this, it is important for all our guests to have current contact information (email address and phone number) loaded into a Cardrona/Treble Cone MyCard profile online. This information will not be shared with any third parties, except under instruction from the Ministry of Health.

If you’re not sure how to sign up, head to and click on “Log In” in the top right corner on desktop. If you’re on your mobile, click the 3 lined menu in the top right-hand corner, then the profile icon next to the shopping cart. You’ll then be able to choose from 3 options:

  • If you’ve got a profile, you can just log in with your email address and password under “Log me in!”
  • If you think you’ve had a Cardrona profile in seasons past, but you have no idea what your password is, reset it by clicking “forgot my password” under “Log me in!”
  • If you don’t have a login, click “Create” under “Sign me up!”
  • Once you've logged in, update your contact information under the "My Info" section.



Hygiene Practices

  1. Please stay home if you are unwell - if you are displaying any cold/flu symptoms, it is safer for everyone if you do not ski or snowboard.
  2. If you need to cough or sneeze, please do so into a tissue or your elbow.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly – we also have hand sanitiser in many locations around the mountain which we encourage you to use.
  4. If you have a face/neckwarmer, please wear it – we encourage you to pull these up and over your mouth/nose, especially when in gathering areas (e.g. bottom of lifts).
  5. We will be increasing our cleaning protocols even further, including daily cleaning of our chairlifts.



Indoor Spaces

Our indoor spaces will be limited to 50 guests at a time, with physical distancing protocols in place.

  • All will operate on a "one-in/one-out" basis.
  • Please sign in using the Covid Tracer app or the manual form.
  • Please maintain 1m physical distancing between others in cafe/restaurant spaces, and 2m in the retail shop.
  • Cafes/restaurants will be limited to paying diners only – you can make use of outdoor picnic tables if you want to eat a packed lunch, or have a picnic at your car!
  • You won't be able to leave your bags in the cafe spaces. Please carry them with you, or leave them in your car.
  • If you need to visit anyone in the Medical Centre, please limit this to one family member.



Outdoor Spaces

  • Our lift queues may take up a bit more space than usual with special queuing for physical distancing. Please listen to the instructions from the lifties and maintain your distances (1m in queues, no distancing for the same household/family). 
  • We can fully load our lifts, but all lift users must wear face coverings over your mouth and nose before you enter the lift line and the whole way up the lift.
  • Face coverings are mandatory on bus transport.
  • Car parking will be spaced appropriately – please follow the instructions of the carpark crew and park where directed.



I've already bought a pass

If you can’t come skiing this winter because of COVID-19 we will offer you a refund. If the season is shortened or there are limited facilities then partial refunds are also available.

If you'd like to claim a Covid-19 refund, please contact our team to do so.

More info can be found below.

I want to buy a pass

We understand your uncertainty around Winter 2021.  We’ve updated our Earlybird season pass and multi-day lift pass terms and conditions to include the potential impacts of COVID-19 on Winter 2021 at Cardrona and Treble Cone

If you can’t come skiing this winter because of COVID-19 we will offer you a refund. If the season is shortened or there are limited facilities then partial refunds are also available. More info can be found below.

What if I can't come skiing?

If you've already bought (or are about to buy) a Cardrona-Treble Cone season or multi-day pass in the Earlybird sale, and you're unable to use your pass in 2021 due to COVID-19, we will offer you a refund.

What if your season is shortened?

If we need to shorten our season due to COVID-19, we'll refund you on a pro-rata basis, based on the number of days you've been able to use your pass.

What if you can't open everything?

If we need to scale our operations because of COVID-19, and reduced facilities impact your decision to ski with us this season, then we will offer you a refund.

What if you don't open at all this winter?

We'll offer you a refund.

If we need to shorten our season due to COVID-19, we'll refund you on a pro-rata basis, based on the number of days you've been able to use your pass.